Wednesday, March 25, 2020

There are steps both Sellers and Buyers can take now to be well positioned for the spring real estate market when restrictions are lifted and pent-up demand is released.

1. We'll provide an online Home Market Analysis. Show us around via your phone, we'll look at comparable homes and market factors and determine an accurate list price.
2. Prepare your home by de-cluttering, clearing out closets, gardening and cleaning.
3. Look through previous photos of your home in different seasons for use when listing.
4. We'll list your home using online tools, Or, we can have all the paperwork in place and go live on the market when you're ready.

Get Comfortable with your REALTOR! Right now you have time to conduct a video interview and check references. Establishing a strong working relationship with your REALTOR now will benefit you later.

1. Get pre-approved. Using the Delaware Valley Financial Mortgage website, you can apply completely on-line. Upload documents and receive a pre-approval on a mortgage. Or contact Delaware Valley Financial Mortgage with questions.
2. We'll look at homes online and fine-tune your lists of needs in a home. When the market open, and you are seeing multiple homes quickly, it will benefit you to have clarity on what you really want.
3. We'll link you to a private MLS portal so you will see homes online as soon as they hit the market.
4. We'll arrange video tours of homes. Find one you like and we can make an offer. I have the tools to make it happen, all remotely.

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